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SARPE´DON (Σαρπηδών or Σαρπηδωνία ἄκρα), a promontory on the coast of Cilicia, 80 stadia to the west of the mouth of the Calycadnus, and 120 from Seleuceia. In the peace between the Roumans and Antiochus the Great this promontory and Cape Calycadnus were made the frontier between the kingdom of Syria and the free countries of Asia Minor. (Strab. xiv. p.670; Ptol. 5.8.3; Appian, App. Syr. 39; Pomp. Mela, 1.13; Liv. 38.38; Plin. Nat. 5.22; Stadiasm. Mar. Magni, § 163.) It now bears the name of Lissan-el-Kahpe. (Leake, Asia Minor, p. 203.)


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