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SARUS (Σάρος), one of the principal rivers in the south-east of Asia Minor, having its sources in Mount Taurus in Cataonia. It first flows in a southeastern eastern direction through Cappadocia by the town of Comana; it then passes through Cilicia in a south-western direction, and, after flowing by the town of Adana, empties itself into the Cilician sea, on the south of Tarsus, after dividing itself into several branches. (Liv. 33.41.) According to Xenophon (Xen. Anab. 1.4.1) its breadth at its mouth was 3 plethra or 300 feet; and Procopius (de Aedif. 5.4) says it was a navigable river. (Comp. Strab. xii. p.535; Ptol. 5.8.4; Appian, App. Syr. 4; Plin. Nat. 6.3; Eustath. ad Dion. Per. 867, who erroneously calls it [p. 2.922]Sinarus.) The modern name of the Sarus is Sihun or Seihan.

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