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SAXETANUM a place in Hispania Baetica (Itin. Ant. p. 405), called Sex (Σέξ) by Ptolemy (2.4.7), Hexi by Mela (2.6), and by Pliny (3.3) Sexti Firmum Julium. It is the Ἑξιτανῶν πόλις of Strabo (iii. p.156). On the name see Casaubon (ad Strab. i. p. 50), and Tzschuck (ad Melam, vol. ii. pt. 2. p. 447). It was renowned for its salt-fish. (Strab, iii. p. 156; Athen. 3.121; Plin. Nat. 32.11. s. 53; Mart. 7.78, &c.) Now most probably Motril. (Cf. Florez, Esp. Sagr. xii. p. 101.)


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