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SCARDUS, SCODRUS, SCORDUS MONS (τὸ Σκάρδον ὄρος, Plb. 28.8; Ptol. 2.16. §), the desolate heights which are mentioned incidentally by Livy (43.20, 44.31) as lying in the way from Stymbara to Scodra, and as giving rise to the Oriuns. They seem to have comprehended the great summits on either side of the Drilo, where its course is from E. to W. (Leake, Northern Greece vol. iii. p. 477.) In Kiepert's map (Europaïschen Turkei) Scardus (Schar-Dagh) extends from the Ljubatrin to Shalesh; over this there is a “col” from Kalkandele to Prisdren not less than 5000 feet above the level of the sea. According to the nomenclature of Grisebach, Scardus reaches from the Ljubatrin at its NE. extremity to the SW. and S. as far as the Klissoura of Devol; S. of that point Pindus commences in a continuation of the same axis.


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