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SCARPO´NA or SCARPONNA, in Gallia, is placed in the Antonine Itin. and in the Table on a road between Tullum (Toul) and Divodurum (Metz). The two authorities agree in placing it at the distance of x. from Tullum; but the Itin. makes the distance from Scarpona to Divodurum. xii., and the Table makes it xiiii. The larger number comes nearer to the truth, for the place is Charpagne, on the Mosel. An inscription has been found at Charpagne, which is as follows: “IIIIvir viarum curand. Sabell. V. S. P. M. Scarp. Civit. Leuc.” Scarpona was in the territory of the Leuci. [LEUCI] Jovinus, Equitum Magister, defeated the Alemanni near Scarponna in A.D. 366, in the reign of Valentinian and Valens. (Amm. Marc. 27.2; D'Anville, Notice, &c.; Ukert, Gallien, p. 506.)


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