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SEBASTO´POLIS (Σεβαστόπολις´)


A town in Pontus Cappadocicus (Ptol. 5.6.7), which, according to the Antonine Itinerary (p. 205), was situated on a route leading from Tavium to Sebastia, and was connected by a road with Caesareia (p. 214). Pliny (6.3) places it in the district of Colopene, and agrees with other authorities in describing it as a small town. (Hierocl. p. 703; Novell. 31; Gregor. Nyssen. in Macrin. p. 202.) The site of this place is still uncertain, some identifying the town with Cabira, which is impossible, unless we assume Sebastopolis to be the same town as Sebaste, and others believing that it occupied the site of the modern Turchal or Turkhal.


A town in Pontus, of unknown site (Ptol. 5.6.9), though, from the place it occupies in the list of Ptolemy, it must have been situated in the south of Themiscyra.


About Sebastopolis on the east coast of the Euxine see DIOSCURIAS and about that in Mysia, see MYRINA [L.S]

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