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SEGESTA (Sestri), a town on the coast of Liguria, mentioned by Pliny, in describing the coast of that country from Genua to the Macra. (Plin. Nat. 3.5. s. 7.) He calls it Segesta Tigulliorum; so that it seems to have belonged to a tribe of the name of the Tigullii, and a town named Tigullia is mentioned by him just before. Segesta is commonly identified with Sestri (called Sestri di Levante to distinguish it from another place of the name), a considerable town about 30 miles from Genoa, while Tigullia is probably represented by Tregoso, a village about 2 miles further inland, where there are considerable Roman remains. Some of the MSS. of Pliny, indeed, have “Tigullia intus, et Segesta Tigulliorum,” which would seem to point clearly to this position of the two places. (Sillig, ad loc.) It is probable, also, that the Tegulata of the Itineraries (Itin. Ant. p. 293) is identical with the Tigullia of Pliny.


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