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SEGIDA (Σέγιδα, Strabo iii. p.162).


A town of the Arevaci in Hispania Tarraconensis. According to Appian, who calls it Σεγήδη (6.44), it belonged to the tribe of the Belli, and was 40 stadia in circumference. Stephanus B. (s. v.) calls it Σεγίδη, and makes it a town of the Celtiberians, of whom indeed the Arevaci and Belli were only subordinate tribes. Segida was the occasion of the first Celtiberian War (Appian, l.c.), and was probably the same place called Segestica by Livy (34.17).


A town of Hispania Baetica, with the surname Restituta Julia. (Plin. iii. l. s. 3.) [T.H.D]

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