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TOMIS or TOMI (Τόμις, Strab. vii. p.319; Ov. Tr. 3.9 33; Geogr. Rav. 4.6, &c.: Τόμαι, Ptol. 3.10.8; Tomi, Plin. Nat. 4.11. s. 18; Stat. S. 1.2, 255; Itin. Ant. p. 227, &c.; in Mela, 2.2, Tomoe: we also find the Greek form Τομεύς, Steph. B. sub voce Arrian, Per. P. Eux. p. 24), a town of Lower Moesia, on the Euxine, and the capital of the district of Scythia Minor (Sozom. H. Eccl. 7.25; Hierocl. p. 637). It was situated at a distance of about 300 stadia or 36 miles from Istros or Istropolis (Anon. Per. P. Eux. p. 12; Itin. Ant. p. 227), but according to the Tab. Peut. 40 miles. It was a Milesian colony, and according to the legend the place where Medea cut up her brother's body, or where their father Aeëtes got together and buried the pieces (Ov. l.c.; Apollod. 1.9,25; Hyg. Fab. 13.) The legend is no doubt connected with the name of the town, which, however, is still better known as the place of banishment of Ovid. Now Tomisvar or Jeni Pangola.



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