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TO´RETAE (Τορεταί, Steph. B. sub voce Dionys. Per. 682; Plin. Nat. 6.5; Mela, 1.2; Avien. Orb. Terr. 867) or TOREA´TAE (Τορεᾶται, Strab. xi. p.495), a tribe of the Maeotae in Asiatic Sarmatia. Ptolemy (5.9.9) mentions a Τορετικὴ ἀκρὰ in Asiatic Sarmatia; and in another passage (3.5.25) he [p. 2.1217]speaks of the Τορεκκάδαι as a people in European Sarmatia, who are perhaps the same as the Toretae or Toreatae.

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