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TRANSDUCTA (Τρανσδοῦκτα, Ptol. 2.4.6), and in a fuller form, JULIA TRANSDUCTA or TRADUCTA, a town of the Bastuli, in Hispania Baetica, to the E. of Mellaria. It is doubtless the same place which Strabo (ii. p.140) calls Ἰουλία Ἰόζα, and sets down between Belon and Gades, whither the Romans transplanted the inhabitants of Zelis, in Mauretania Tingitana. According to Ukert (ii. pt. i. p. 345) it is also the Tingentera of Mela (2.6), who informs us that he was born there; though it is not easy to see how it could have had so many names. But the ground for the conjecture is that Tingentera, according to Mela, was inhabited by Phoenicians, who had been transported thither, which in some respects resembles Strabo's account of Julia Ioza. It is sought at the modern Tarifa, or in its neighbourhood. For coins see Florez, Med. ii. p. 596; Eckhel, Doctr. Num. 1.1. p. 30; Mionnet, i. [p. 2.1221]p. 26, and Suppt. i. pp. 19, 45; Sestini, p. 90; Florez, Esp. Sagr. x. p. 50; Mém. de l'Acad. des Inscr. xxxi p. 103.)


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