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TREVENTUM or TEREVENTUM (Eth. Treventinas, Plin.; but inscriptions have Terventinas and Tereventinas: Trivento), a town of Samnium, in the country of the Pentri, situated on the right bank of the Trinius (Trigno), not far from the frontiers of the Frentani. Its name is not noticed in history, but Pliny mentions it among the municipal towns of Samnium in his time: and we learn from the Liber Coloniarum that it received a Roman colony, apparently under the Triumvirate (Plin. Nat. 3.14. s. 17; Lib. Colon. p. 238). It is there spoken of as having been thrice besieged ( “ager ejus . . . post tertiam obsidionem adsignatus est” ), probably during the Social War and the civil wars that followed; but we have no other account of these sieges; and the name is not elsewhere mentioned. But from existing remains, as well as inscriptions, it appears to have been a place of considerable importance, as well as of municipal rank. The modern Trivento, which is still the see of a bishop and the capital of the surrounding district, stands on a hill above the river Trigno, but the ruins of ancient buildings and fragments of masonry are scattered to a considerable extent through the valley below it. (Romnanelli, vol. ii. p. 473.) The inscriptions which have been discovered there are given by Mommsen (Inscr. R. N. pp. 269, 270).


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