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TRICHO´NIUM (Τριχώνιον: Eth. Τριχωνιεύς), a town of Aetolia, from which the lake Trichonis derived its name. [Respecting the lake, see Vol. I. p. 64a.] Its position is uncertain. Leake places it S. of the lake at a place called Gavala, and Kiepert, in his map E. of the lake. But since Strabo mentions it along with Stratus as situated in a fertile plain, it ought probably to be placed N. of the lake (Strab. x. p.450; Pol. 5.7; Steph. B. sub voce. It was evidently a place of importance, and several natives of this town are mentioned in history. (Pol. 4.3, 5.13, 17.10; Paus. 2.37.3; Leake, Northern Greece, vol. i. p. 155.)

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