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Eth. TRICORII (Eth. Τρικόριοι), a people between the Rhone and the Alps. Hannibal in his march from the Rhone to the Alps passed into the country of the Tricorii, as Livy says [TRICASTINI]. Strabo (iv. pp. 185, 203) says in one passage that above the Cavares are “the Vocontii and Tricorii and Iconii and Meduli,” from which we learn that he considered the Tricorii as neighbours of the Vocontii; and in another passage he says, “after the Vocontii are the Iconii and Tricorii, and next to them the Meduli, who occupy the highest summits of the Alps.” Some geographers conclude that the Tricorii must be on the Drac, a branch of the Isère, in the southern part of the diocese of Grénoble, But if the Tricorii were in the valley of the Drac, we do not therefore admit that Hannibal's march to the Alps was through that valley.


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