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Eth. TUBANTES or TUBANTII (Eth.Τούβαντοι or Eth. Τουβάττιοι); a German tribe which was allied with the Chernsci, and seems originally to have dwelt between the Rhine and Yessel; but in the time of Germanicus they appear in the country south of the Lippe, that is, the district previously occupied by the Sigambri (Tac. Ann. 1.51, 13.55, foll.) They seem to have followed the Cherusci still farther to the south-east, as Ptolemy (2.11.23) places them on the south of the Chatti, near the Thüringer Wald, between the rivers Fulda and Werra (Comp. Tac. Germ. 36). In the end we find them again as a member of the confederacy of the Franks. (Nazarius, Paneg. Const. 18.) The name Subattii in Strabo (vii. p.292) is probably only an error of the transcriber, whence Kramer has changed it into Τουβάττιοι. (Wilhelm. Germanien, p. 130.)


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