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TUBUSUPTUS (Τουβούσουπτος, Τουβούσουππος, or Τουβούσιππος, Ptol. 4.2.31, 8.13.12), a town of Mauretania Caesariensis, 18 miles SE. of Saldae. (Itin. Ant. p. 32.) According to Ammianus Marcellinus it was situated close to Mons Ferratus (29.5.11). From Pliny (5.2. s. 1) we learn that it was a Roman colony since the time of Augustus. It was once a place of some importance, but afterwards declined, though even at a late period it seems to have had a Roman garrison (Not. Imp., where it is called Tubusubdus). Variously identified with Burg, Bordj, Ticla, and a place on the Djebel Afroun.


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