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TUNES (Τύνης, Plb. 1.30; Τούνις, or Τύνις, Strab. xvii. p.834, &c.), a strongly fortified town, once of some importance, in the Roman province of Africa. According to Polybius (14.20), who is followed by Livy (30.9), it was 120 stadia or 15 miles from Carthage, from which it lay in a SW. direction; but the Tab. Peut., in which it is written Thunis, places it more correctly at a distance of only 10 miles from that city. It is said to have been situated at the mouth of a little river called Catada, in the bay of Carthage, but there are now no traces of any such river. On the present state of Tunis, see Blaquière, Lett. i. p. 161. seq.; Ritter Erdkunde, i. p. 914, seq.


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