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Eth. TURDULI (Eth. Τουρδοῦλοι, Ptol. 2.4.10), a people in Hispania Baetica, very nearly connected with the Turdetani, and ultimately not to be distinguished from them. (Strab. iii. p.139; Plb. 34.9). They dwelt to the E. and S. of the Turdetani, down to the shores of the Fretum Herculeum. A branch of them called the Turduli Veteres appears to have migrated into Lusitania, and to have settled to the S. of the Durius; where it is probable that in process of time they became amalgamated with the Lusitanians (Strab. iii. p.151; Mela, 3.1.7; Plin. Nat. 3.1. s. 3, 4.21. s. 35; cf. Florez, Esp. Sagr. ix. p. 7).


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