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TERMERA (τὰ Τέρμερα or Τερμερον: Eth. Τερμερεύς), a maritime town of Caria, on the south coast of the peninsula of Halicarnassus, near Cape Termerium. (Hdt. 5.37; Strab. xiv. p.657; Plin. Nat. 5.29; Steph. B. sub voce who erroneously assigns the town to Lycia.) Under the Romans this Dorian town was a free city. According to Suidas (s. v.) the place gave rise to the proverbial expression Τερμέρια κακά, it being used as a prison by the rulers of Caria; but his remark that it was situated between Melos and Halicarnassus is unintelligible. Cramer supposes its site to be marked by the modern Carbaglar or Gumishlu.


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