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THEODOSIO´POLIS (Θεοδοσιούπολις Procop de Aed. 3.5), a city in Armenia Major, founded by Theodosius II. to keep the Armenians in subjection It was enlarged by the emperor Anastasius, and its fortifications were much strengthened by Justinian. (Procop. B. P. 1.10.) It lay S. of the Araxes and 42 stadia S. of the mountain in which the Euphrates rises, the present Bingöl. (Id. Ib. 17; cf. Ritter, Erdk. x. p. 79, seq.) Theodosiopolis enjoyed an extensive commerce. (Const. Porphyr. de Adm. Imp. 45.) Some writers identify it with Arzeroum (Ritter, Ib. pp. 80, 271, seq.; Zeune, p. 431); but according to D'Anville (Geogr. Anc. ii. p. 99, sq.) it lay 35 miles E. of that place. (Cf. Chardin, ii. p. 173, sq.; Hamilton, Asia Minor, &c. i. p. 178; Gibbon, Decline and Fall, iv. p. 168, ed. Smith.)


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