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THY´NIAS (Θυνίας), a small island in the Euxine at a distance of one mile from the coast of Thynia or Bithynia; its distance from the port of Rhoë was 20 stadia, and from Calpe 40. (Plin. Nat. 6.13; Arrian, Peripl. P. E. p. 13.) The island had only 7 stadia in circumference, and had at first been called Apollonia from a temple of Apollo which existed in it. (Plin., Arrian, ll. cc.; Apollon. 2.177, 675; Anon. Peripl. P. E. p. 3.) According to Ptolemy (5.1.15) it was also called Daphnusia, and obtained its name of Thynias from the Thyni, who inhabited the opposite coast. The island had a port and a naval station belonging to Heracleia (Scylax, p. 34; Arrian, l.c.); and Mela (2.7) is probably mistaken in believing that the island contained a town of the same name. (Comp. Strab. xii. p.543, where it is called Thynia; Marcian, p. 69; Steph. B. sub voce Orph. Argon. 717, where it bears the name Thyneis.) The modern name of the island is Kirpeh.


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