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Eth. VELLAVI or VELAUNI, a people of Gallia. In the passage of Caesar (Caes. Gal. 7.75) some editions have Velauni, but it is certain that whatever is the true form of the name, these Velauni are the Vellaioi (Οὐελλαΐοι) of Strabo (p. 190). The Gabali and Velauni in Caesar's time were subject to the Arverni. In Ptolemy (2.7.20) the name is Velauni (Οὐέλαυνοι), but he puts them next to the Auscii, which is a great mistake. D'Anville says that the diocese of Pui represents their territory; but that this cannot be said of the small province of Vellay, which was annexed to Languedoc in the ante-revolutionary division of France. In the Notit. of the Provinces of Gallia, the capital of the Vellavi is Civitas Vellavorum [REVESSIO].


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