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VENTA the name of several towns in Britannia Romana.


Venta Belgarum (Οὔεντα, Ptol. 2.3.28), in the SW. of Britain, on the road from Londinium to Calleva and Isca Dumnoniorum. (Itin. Ant. p. 478, &c.; Geogr. Rav. 5.31.) Now Winchester, where there are some Roman remains. (Camden, p. 138.)


Venta Silurum on the W. coast of Britannia Romana, on the road from Londinium to Isca Silurum, and near the estuary of the Sabrina. (Itin. Ant. p. 485.) Now Caer Went in Monmouthshire, where there are traces of the ancient walls, and where Roman antiquities are (or were) occasionally found. (Camden, p. 713.)


Venta Icenorum, a town of the Iceni, on the E. coast of Britannia Romana (Ptol. 2.3.21), to which there was a road from London. (Itin. Ant. p. 479.) Most probably Caistor, on the river Wensum, a little S. of Norwich, which probably rose from the ruins of Caistor. Here are traces of Roman remains. (Camden, p. 460.) [T.H.D]

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