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VE´NTIA (Οὐεντία), in Gallia Narbonensis, a town of the Allobroges, mentioned only by Dio Cassius (37.47) in his history of the war between the Allobroges and C. Pomptinus the governor of Gallia Provincia (B.C. 62). Manlius Lentinus, a legatus of Pomptinus, came upon this town, but was driven from it. The place appears to be near the Isara (Isère) from Dion's narrative, and D'Anville following De Valois supposes it to be Vinai, between Moirenc and S. Marcellin, at some distance from the bank of the Isère. As Ventia is unknown otherwise, it may be a blunder of Dion, and the place may be Vienna.


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