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Eth. VERAGRI (Eth. Οὐάραγροι) The Veragri are placed by Caesar (Caes. Gal. 3.1, 6) in the Valais of Switzerland between the Nantuates and the Seduni, [NANTUATES; SEDUNI]. Their town was Octodurus (Martigny), whence the Veragri are called Octodurenses by Pliny [OCTODURUS]. Dio Cassius (39.5), using Caesar as he generally used him, says that the Veragri extended from the territory of the Allobroges and the Leman lake to the Alps; which is not true. Strabo (iv. p.204) mentions the Varagri, as he calls them, between the Caturiges and the Nantuatae; and Pliny (3.20) between the Seduni and the Salassi: the Salassi are on the Italian side of the Alps in the Val d'Aosta. Livy (21.38) places the Veragri among the Alps and on the road to the pass of the Pennine Alps, or the Great St. Bernard, which is correct. He says that the pass was occupied by half German tribes.


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