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VERBINUM in Gallia, is placed by the Itins. on a road from Bagacum (Bavai) to Durocortorum (Reims). Duronum is between Bagacum and Verbinum [DURONUM]. All the several distances between Bagacum and Durocortorum do not agree in the Antonine Itin. and the Table. The sum total of these distances in the Table is 53 M. P., and the Itin., though it makes the several distances amount to 63 M. P., still gives the sum total at 53 M. P. But these must be Gallic leagues, as D'Anville shows. He supposes Verbinum to be Vervins, which in fact is the same name as Verbinum. The table writes it Vironum. Vervins is in the department of Aisne, about 20 miles NE. of Laon.


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