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VERODUNENSES This name does not occur in any document earlier than the Notitia of the Gallic Provinces, which was probably drawn up at the commencement of the fifth century of our era. Civitas Verodunensium in the Notitia is the capital of a people, and is named last in tlie first of the two Belgicae. The name Virodunum occurs in the Antonine Itin. and so the name is written on some medals. It is placed on a route from Durocortorum (Reims) to Divodurum (Metz). In the middle age [p. 2.1279]writings it is Viredunum, Viridunum, and Virdunum, which last abbreviated form comes nearest to Verdun, which is the capital of the Verodunenses. Verdun is west of Metz, in the department of Meuse, and on the Meuse or Maas. There was a place named Fines [FINES No. 13] between Virodunum and Divodurum, which probably marked the limit between the Verodunenses and the Mediomatrici.


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