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VEROLA´MIUM and VERULA´MIUM (Οὐρολάνιον, Ptol. 2.3.21), the capital of the Catyeuchlani in Britannia Romana, on the road from Londinium to Lindum and Eboracum. (Itin. Ant. p. 471, 476, 479.) It was probably the residence of Cassivellaunus, which was taken by Caesar (B. Gall. 5.21), and subsequently became a considerable Roman municipium, (Tac. Ann. 14.33.) It is Old Verulam, near St. Alban's, in Hertfordshire, which latter town rose from its ruins; and its celebrated abbey church is said to be built in great part of Roman bricks. (Camden, p. 350, seq.)


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