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VIMINA´CIUM (Οὐιμινάκιον, Ptol. 3.9.3), an important town of Moesia Superior, lying somewhat E. of the mouth of the Margus, and connected with Constantinople by a highroad which passed through Naissus. (Itin. Ant. p. 133; Itin. Hierosol. p. 564.) It was the head-quarters of the Legio VII. Claudia. (Ib.; cf. Eutrop. 9.13; Procop. de Aed. 4.6. p. 287; Theophyl. 1.5, 8.12, &c.) By the later Greeks the name is written Βιμινάκιον. Variously identified with Ram or Rama, and Kostolacz. (Cf. Marsili, Danub. ii. p. 10; Mannert, vii. p. 78.)


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