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VIRU´NUM (Οὐίρουνον


One of the most important towns in the interior of Noricum, south of Noreia, and on the road from Aquileia to Lauriacum. (Plin. Nat. 3.27; Ptol. 2.14.3; Steph. Byz. s. v. Βέρουνος; Suid. s. v. Βηρούνιον; It. Ant. p. 276; Tab. Peut., where it is called Varunum.) But notwithstanding its importance, which is attested by its widely scattered remains about the village of Mariasaal near Klagenfurt, no details about it are known, except, from inscriptions, the fact that it was a Roman colony, with the surname of Claudia. (Gruter, Inscript. p. 569; Orelli, Inscript. no. 1317, 5074; comp. Muchar, Norikum, vol. i. p. 271.)


A town in the country of the Sidini in Germania, of unknown site, and mentioned only by Ptolemy (2.11.27). [L.S]

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