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VORGA´NIUM (Οὐοργάνιον), in Gallia Lugdunensis, the capital of the Osismii [OSISMII], a Celtic people in the north-west part of Bretagne (Ptol. 2.8.5). This seems to be the same place as the Vorginum of the Table; and it appears on a route which leads from the capital of the Namnetes through the capital of the Veneti, and ends on the coast at Gesocribate, or Gesobrivate, as some would write it. Between the capital of the Veneti and Vorginum is Sulis, supposed to be at the junction of the Suel and the Blavet [SULIS]. From Sulis to Vorginum the distance is marked xxiiii., and this brings us to a place named Karhez (D'Anville). But all this is very uncertain. Others fix Vorginum at a place named Guemené.


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