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Eth. URUNCI a place in Gallia between the Vosges and the Rhine. It occurs twice in the Antonine Itin., and in both cases the road from Urunci runs to Mons Brisiacus. [MONS BRISIACUS] In one route it is placed between Larga (Largitzen) and Mons Brisiacus, xviii. from Larga, and xxiiii. from Brisiacus. This route is from south to north-east. The other route is from Arialbinnum, supposed to be Binning near Basle, to Mons Brisiacus, from south to north, and Urunci is xxiii. M. P. or 15 leugae from Mons Brisiacus. D'Anville supposes that Urunci may be a place named Rucsen or Ricsen, on the line of the road from Larga to Mons Brisiacus or Breisach.


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