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ZEPHY´RIUM (Ζεφύριον ἄκρον, Ptol. 3.17.5).


A promontory on the E. part of the N. coast of Crete, near the town of Apollonia. Now Ponta di Tigani.


A promontory on the W. coast of Cyprus, near Paphos, probably the cape which closes the bay of Baffo to the W. (Ptol. 5.14.1; Strab. xiv. p.683.)


A promontory in the E. part of Cyrenaica, 150 stadia to the W. of Darnis. (Strab. xvii. p.799, who attributes it to Marmarica; Ptol. 4.4.5; Stadias. M. Magni, § § 47, 48.) Now Cape Derne.


Another promontory of Cyrenaica, with a harhour. (Strab. xvii. p.838.)


A promontory near Little Taposiris in Lower Aegypt, having a temple of Arsinoë--Aphrodite. (Strab. xvii. p.800.) Hence that goddess derived the epithet of Zephuritis (Ζεφυρῖτις, Athen. 7.318, D.; Callim. Ep. 31; Steph. B. sub voce.


A town of the Chersonesus Taurica, mentioned only by Pliny (4.12. s. 26). [T.H.D]

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