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ALSIETI´NUS LACUS a small lake in Etruria about 2 miles distant from the Lacus Sabatinus, between it and the basin or crater of Baccano, now called the Lago di Martignano. Its ancient name is preserved to us only by Frontinus, from whom we learn that Augustus conveyed the water from thence to Rome by an aqueduct, named the Aqua Alsietina, more than 22 miles in length. The water was, however, of inferior quality, and served only to supply a Naumachia, and for purposes of irrigation. It was joined at CAREIAE, a station on the Via Claudia, 15 miles from Rome, by another branch bringing water from the Lacus Sabatinus. (Frontin. de Aquaed. § § 11, 71.) The channel of the aqueduct is still in good preservation, where it issues from the lake, and may be traced for many miles of its course. (Nibby, Dintorni, vol. i. pp. 133--137.)


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