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A´MATHUS (Ἀμαθοῦς or τὰ Ἀμαθά), a strongly fortified city on the east of the Jordan, in Lower Persia, 21 Roman miles south of Pella. (Eusebii Ononmast.) It was destroyed by Alexander Jannaeus [p. 1.119](Joseph Ant. 13.13.3), and after its restoration was one of the five cities in which the Sanhedrim sat: the others were Jerusalem, Jericho, Gadara and Sepphoris (Ib. 14.10). Burkhardt passed “the ruins of an ancient city standing on the declivity of the mountain” called Amata, near the Jordan, and a little to the north of the Zerka (Jabbok). He was told “that several columns remain standing, and also some large buildings.” (Travels, p. 346.)


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