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UZ a district of Western Asia, to which the prophet Job belonged. (Job, 1.1.) It cannot be certainly determined where it was; hence, learned men have placed it in very different localities. Winer, who has examined the question, inclines to place it in the neighbourhood of Edom, adjoining Arabia and Chaldaea. (Biblisch. Realwörterb. s. v. Uz.) The people are perhaps represented in classical geography by the Αὐσῖται or Αἰσῖται of Ptolemy (5.19.2), a tribe who lived on the borders of Babylonia. In Genesis 10.23, Uz is called the son of Aram: hence Josephus says, Οὖσος κτίζει τῆν Γραχωνῖτιν καὶ Δαμασκόν (Antiq. 1.6.4); but there is no sufficient evidence to show that the “land of Uz” of Job is connected with Northern Mesopotamia.


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