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ZALE´CUS (Ζάληκος, or Ζάλισκος, in Ptol. 5.4.3), a small river on the coast of Paphlagonia, discharging itself into the Euxine at a distance of 210 stadia west of the Halys. (Marcian. p. 73.) At its mouth there was a small town of the same name, about 90 stadia from Zagorus, or Zagorum (Anon. [p. 2.1336]Peripl. P. E. p. 9); and this place seems to be the same as the one mentioned in the Peut. Table under the corrupt name of Halega, at a distance of 25 Roman miles from Zacoria. Hamilton (Researches, i. p. 298) identifies the site of Zalecus with the modern Alatcham, where some ruins and massive walls are still seen.


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