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698. IV. Temporal sentences expressing a past intention, purpose, or expectation, especially those introduced by ἕως or πρίν, until, after past tenses. E.g. Ὦρσε δ᾽ ἐπὶ κραιπνὸν Βορέην, πρὸ δὲ κύματ᾽ ἔαξεν, ἕως γε Φαιήκεσσι φιληρέτμοισι μιγείη, i.e. to the end that (until) Ulysses should get to the Phaeacians; originally ἕως ἂν μιγῇ (614, 2). Od. v. 385.So εἵως θερμαίνοιτο, Od. ix. 376. Σπονδὰς ἐποιήσαντο ἕως ἀπαγγελθείη τὰ λεχθέντα εἰς Λακεδαίμονα, they made a truce (to continue) until what had been said should be announced at Sparta; i.e. ἕως ἂν ἀπαγγελθῇ, which might have been retained. XEN. Hell. iii. 2, 20. Ἀπηγόρευε μηδένα βάλλειν πρὶν Κῦρος ἐμπλησθείη θηρῶν, “until Cyrus should be satisfied.” Id. Cyr. i. 4, Id. Cyr. 14. (His words were πρὶν ἂν ἐμπλησθῇ.) Οἱ δὲ μένοντες ἕστασαν ὁππότε πύργος Ἀχαιῶν ἄλλος ἐπελθὼν Τρώων ὁρμήσειε καὶ ἄρξειαν πολέμοιο, i.e. they stood waiting for the time when, etc. Il. iv. 334.So Il. ii. 794. Προὐκίνησαν τὸ στῖφος, ὡς παυσομένους τοῦ διωγμοῦ ἐπεὶ σφᾶς ἴδοιεν προορμήσαντας, when they should see them, etc. XEN. Cyr. i. 4, 21.

Οὐ γὰρ δή σφεας ἀπίει θεὸς τῆς ἀποικίης πρὶν δὴ ἀπίκωνται ἐς αὐτὴν Λιβύην. HDT. iv. 157. (Ἀπίκοιντο might be used.) Οἱ δὲ Κορίνθιοι οὐ προεθυμήθησαν ξυμπλεῖν πρὶν τὰ Ἴσθμια, τότε ἦν, διεορτάσωσιν, until they had (should have) finished celebrating the Isthmian games, which were then going on. THUC. viii. 9.

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