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858. The adverbs ἅμα, μεταξύ, εὐθύς (Ionic ἰθέως), αὐτίκα, ἄρτι, and ἐξαίφνης are often connected (in position and in sense) with the temporal participle, although grammatically they qualify the verb of the sentence. E.g. Ἅμα προιὼν ἐπεσκοπεῖτο εἴ τι δυνατὸν εἴη τοὺς πολεμίους ἀσθενεστέρους ποιεῖν, as he advanced, he looked at the same time to see whether it was possible, etc. XEN. Cyr. v. 2, 22. Ἅμα καταλαβόντες προσεκέατό σφι, as soon as they had overtaken them, they pressed hard upon them. HDT. ix. 57. Νεκὼς μεταξὺ ὀρύσσων ἐπαύσατο, μαντηίου ἐμποδίου γενομένου, Necho stopped while digging (the canal), etc. Id. ii. 158. Πολλαχοῦ δή με ἐπέσχε λέγοντα μεταξύ, it often checked me while speaking. PLAT. Ap. 40 B. Ἐπιπόνῳ ἀσκήσει εὐθὺς νέοι ὄντες τὸ ἀνδρεῖον μετέρχονται, by toilsome discipline, even while they are still young, etc. THUC. ii. 39. Τῷ δεξιῷ κέρᾳ εὐθὺς ἀποβεβηκότι οἱ Κορίνθιοι ἐπέκειντο, the Corinthians pressed upon the right wing, as soon as it was disembarked. Id. iv. 43. Ἀρξάμενος εὐθὺς καθισταμένου, beginning as soon as it (the war) broke out. Id. i. 1. Διόνυσον λέγουσι ὡς αὐτίκα γενόμενον ἐς τὸν μηρὸν ἐνερράψατο Ζεύς, they say of Dionysus that, as soon as he was born, Zeus sewed him into his thigh. HDT. ii. 146. Τὴν ψυχὴν θεωροῦντα ἐξαίφνης ἀποθανόντος ἑκάστου, “viewing the soul of each one the moment that he is dead.” PLAT. Gorg. 523 E. Καὶ αὐτοῦ μεταξὺ ταῦτα λέγοντος Κλεινίας ἔτυχεν ἀποκρινάμενος. Id. Euthyd. 275 E.

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