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324.Future Indicative.) The future indicative occasionally takes the place of the subjunctive in pure final clauses. It occurs chiefly with ὅπως, very seldom with ὄφρα, ὡς, and μή, and never with ἵνα.1 It has essentially the same force as the subjunctive. E.g. “Αἰεὶ δὲ μαλακοῖσι καὶ αἱμυλίοισι λόγοισι θέλγει, ὅπως Ἰθάκης ἐπιλήσεταιOd. i. 56. Μὴ πρόσλευσσε, ἡμῶν ὅπως μὴ τὴν τύχην διαφθερεῖς. SOPH. Ph. 1068.Ἀπομυκτέον δέ σοί γ᾽, ὅπως λήψει πιεῖνEUR. Cycl. 561.Ἀρδῶ σ᾽ ὅπως ἀμβλαστανεῖς.AR. Lys. 384. Ἐπ᾽ αὐτοὺς τοὺς προλόγους σου τρέψομαι, ὅπως τὸ πρῶτον τῆς τραγῳδίας μέρος πρώτιστον βασανιῶ. AR. Ran. 1120. Προιέναι (δεῖ) τῶν τόπων ἐνθυμούμενον, ὅπως μὴ διαμαρτήσεται. Cyneg. XEN. ix. 4. Χρὴ ἀναβιβάζειν ἐπὶ τὸν τροχὸν τοὺς ἀναγραφέντας, ὅπως μὴ πρότερον νὺξ ἔσται πρὶν πυθέσθαι τοὺς ἄνδρας ἅπαντας. AND. i. 43.

Θάρσυνον δέ οἱ ἦτορ ἐνὶ φρεσὶν, ὄφρα καὶ Ἕκτωρ εἴσεται. Il. xvi. 242.Ὡς τί ῥέξομεν;” “ that we may do what?” SOPH. O.C. 1724.Ὥστ᾽ εἰκὸς ἡμᾶς μὴ βραδύνειν ἐστὶ, μὴ καί τις ὄψεται χἠμῶν ἴσως κατείπῃAR. Eccl. 495. So μὴ κεχολώσεται, Il. xx. 301.

1 Weber cites the following cases, in addition to those given above. For ὅπως: AESCH. Cho. 265, Suppl. 449; SOPH. Aj. 698 (?); EUR. El. 835; AR. Vesp. 528, Pac. 309, Pac. 431, Lys. 1093, Thesm. 431, Lys. 653, Lys. 285 (?), Eccl. 783, Eccl. 997; ANDOC. i. 89; Hipp. i. 18, Mem. ii. 1, Mem. 1 (παιδεύειν ὅπως ἔσται?). In XEN. Cyr. ii. 1, 4 and 21 the MSS. vary: in Cyr. iii. 3, Cyr. 42 ὅπως is probably independent. For ὄφρα: Il. viii. 110; Od. iv. 163, Od. xvii. 6. For ὡς: Bacch. 784. For μή: Od. xxiv. 544; THEOG. 1307; AR. Eccl. 488.Only four undoubted examples occur in prose.

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