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351.Xenophon.) Although Xenophon generally follows the Attic usage in these object clauses (339), he yet violates this signally by having ὡς and ὡς ἄν with both subjunctive and optative, and ὅπως ἄν with the optative; and further by having the optative with ὡς ἄν and ὅπως ἄν after both primary and secondary tenses. He also has ὡς twice with the future indicative (like ὅπως) and once with the future optative.

1. Ὡς or ὡς ἄν with the subjunctive, ὡς with the future indicative, and ὡς with the optative, are used by Xenophon like ὅπως in the construction of 339. E.g. Ἐπιμελοῦνται ὡς ἔχῃ οὕτως. Oec. xx. 8. (Here the regular Attic usage requires ὅπως ἕξει.) Ἐπιμελεῖσθαι ὡς ἂν πραχθῇ, “to take care that they shall be done.” Hipp. ix. 2. Ἐπεμέλοντο ὡς μὴ κωλύοιντο. Cyr. vi. 3, Cyr. 2. Ὡς δὲ καλῶς ἕξει τὰ ὑμέτερα, ἐμοὶ μελήσει. Ib. iii. 2, Ib. 13. Προεῖπεν ὡς μηδεὶς κινήσοιτο μηδὲ ἀνάξοιτο. Hell. ii. 1, Hell. 22 (see 355).

For Xenophon's regular use of ὅπως in all these constructions, see examples under 339. For his regular use of ὅπως ἄν with the subjunctive, see 348.

2. When the optative follows ὡς ἄν or ὅπως ἄν, it is always potential, and the original relative and interrogative force of ὡς and ὅπως plainly appears. E.g. Ἐπιμέλονται ὡς ἂν βέλτιστοι εἶεν οἱ πολῖται, they take care that the citizens may be best (to see how they might be best). Cyr. i. 2, Cyr. 5. Ὡς ἂν ἀσφαλέστατά γ᾽ εἰδείην ἐποίουν, I took steps that (by which) I might know most accurately. Ib. vi. 3, Ib. 18. Σκοπῶ ὅπως ἂν ὡς ῥᾷστα διάγοιεν, “I am considering how they might live the easiest lives.” Symp. vii. 2. (Cf. PLAT. Lys. 207E, quoted in 349.)

For a full enumeration of all the irregular passages of this class in Xenophon, see Appendix IV.

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