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Come, Queen of Love, with thy joyous train, abandon Cyprus and betake thee to the dainty shrine whither Glycera woos thee.

A so-called κλητικὸς ὕμνος. Cf. Alcm. fr. 21.

Sappho, fr. 7; Pindar, fr. 122. 14.

regina: cf. Cat. 64. 96, quaeque regis Golgos, etc.; Theoc. 15. 100; John Bartlett, 'The Queen of Paphos Erycine'.—Cnidus: Dorian town in Caria; Venus was its tutelary divinity. One of her temples there contained Praxiteles' statue of Venus, of which the Medicean Venus is supposed to be an imitation.—Paphos:in Cyprus, also closely connected with the cult of Venus. Cf. Odyss. 8. 362; Verg. Aen. 1. 415; Tac. Hist. 2. 2; Lucan, 8. 456.

sperne: cf. 1. 9. 16; 1. 19. 10; 3. 2. 24.—Cypron: cf. on 1. 3. 1.

aedem: temple. It is probably Glycera's whole house that is spoken of as a temple of Venus, and there is a play on the meaning of the sing. aedes, temple, and the plural aedes, house. Others think that the reference is to a little shrine which Glycera had set up in her house.

puer: Cupid. Cf. 1. 2. 34, and Aesch. Suppl. 1039-1040.—solutis: Sen. de Ben. 1. 3: 2; Schiller, die Erwartung, 'Der Gürtel ist von jedem Reiz gelöst.'

Gratiae: cf. 1. 4. 6. n.—properentque: cf. for free position of que and ve, 2. 7. 25; 2. 17. 16; 3. 2. 28; 3. 4. 11; 3. 3. 43; 3. 4. 55; 3. 1. 12,

Iuventas: ἥβη. The bloom of youth that charms not (parum comis) unless it is also 'the bloom of young desire and purple light of love.' For ἥβη and Aphrodite, cf. Hom. Hymn Apoll. 195.

Mercurius: perhaps as god of speech and persuasion. So Πειθώ and Aphrodite constantly associated in Greek poetry. But perhaps it is as the god of gain that Mercury would find a place in a hetaera's house. See Neue Jahrbücher, 21. 91.

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