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Ode XV

The unpleasant theme of 1.25; 4.13; Epode 8; Turpe senilis (still more anilis) amor.

nequitiae: technical. Cf. 3.4.78; Propert. 1.6.26. fige modum: the forcible word fige suits the impatience of tandem. Cf. 1.16.2; 1.24.1.

famosis: in bad sense. Cf. Epp. 2.3.469, where it is neutral or ironical. laboribus: love is 'sweating labor' for her as it was for Cleopatra, Anth. and Cle. 1.3.

maturo: her death would not be immatura.

inter: cf.3.3.37; 3.27.51. ludere: 4.13.4. So παίζειν.

nebulam: 'Nor fling thy hideous shadow o'er |Their pure and starry graces' (Martin).

non si: cf.4.9.5; 2.10.17. Pholoen: 2.5.17; 1.33.7. satis (sc. decet): 1.13.13. She may more fitly sport, hers is the lasciva decentius aetas; Epp. 2.2.216.

et te: thee also. filia: i.e. Pholoe.

expugnat: storms, in the revel or comus, reversing the relation of 3.26.7. To prove it possible, editors quote Sen. Praef. Nat. Quaest. 4.6. They might as well quote Congreve, Double-Dealer, 1.1.

pulso . . . tympano: like Bacchante roused by the beating of the tambourine. pulso: cf. on 2.4.10. Thyias: cf. on 2.19.9; Hom. Hym. Cer. 387. tympano: 1.18.14.

11 Nothi: for any roué.

lascivae: cf. 3.13.8, and Epp. 2.2.216, cited on line 7. similem: so 1.23.1.

Spinning is the fit occupation of the old woman. Cf. Tibull. 1.6.77. Luceria in Apulia was famous (nobilis) for the quality of its wool. Cf. Plin. N. H.8.190.

flos rosae: cf. 3.29.3; 4.10.4. purpureus: cf. on 4.1.10.

poti: drained, pass. with cadi; 4. 13. 5, active. vetulam: with te, a hag like thee. Cf. 4. 13.25. Note the effectiveness of reserving it to the end. faece tenus: ἀπὸ τρυγός, ἐς τρύγα, cum faece, 1.35.27.

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