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Just as the Conjunction non (older noenum) originated from the Adverbial use of the Neuter Singular of -unus (older oenus), so nullum is used for non in the colloquial Latin of Plautus, e.g. Cas. 795qui amat, tamen hercle, si esurit, nullum esurit”; also nihil for non, e.g. Mil. 625nihil amas, umbra es amantis”, Mil. 469 etc. “nihil opust”, and for ne, e.g. Mil. 1007hercle hanc quidem nil tu amassis.

Nullus (nulla, etc.) is found in the same senses, e.g.

And this suggests an explanation of the Lucretian noenŭ as noenus (like nullus beside nullum), and to be printed noenu' like nullu' sequetur (for non sequitur) Lucil. 507 (but Lucil. 987 “si noenŭ molestumst”). Nullus (Adjective) is often used for nemo (Pronoun) e.g. Bacch. 190A. qui scire possum? B. nullus plus”; nullum appears for nihil in Livius Andronicus 22 B. “namque nullum peius macerat homonem quamde mare saevom” (cf. Pomponius 3), and nullius and nullo came to supersede neminis and nemine, although Plautus does not refuse the Genitive and Ablative of nemo, e.g. Capt. 764, Mil. 1062.

Nullus is the equivalent of nihili in Cas. 305si id factum est, ecce me nullum senem!”, and nullus esse of perire in Bacch. 193si abest, nullus est”. Instead of nemo (for -homo) we often find the redundant phrase nemo homo (see above, 21), e.g. Truc. 300nemo homo hic solet perire apud nos.

Nemo umquam is not unknown (e.g. Amph. 566); but the favourite expression is numquam quisquam, e.g. Stich. 77 (for full statistics see J. Lange in Neue Jahrbücher für Philologie, 1894, pp. 275 sqq.; Seyffert in Bursian's Jahresbericht, 1895, p. 312).

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