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περί : around, see ἀμφί.—I. adv. (including the so - called ‘tmesis’).— (1) around, all round; περὶ γάρ ῥά χαλκὸς ἔλεψεν | φύλλα τε καὶ φλοιόν, i. e. the leaves and bark that encircled it, Il. 1.236; so of throwing a cloak about one, standing around in crowds, being enveloped by the shades of night, Il. 3.384, Il. 10.201.—(2) over and above others, in an extraordinary degree, very; περί τοι μένος, ‘thou hast exceeding strength’, Od. 12.279 ; περὶ μὲν θείειν ταχύν, Il. 16.186; τὸν περὶ Μοῦσα φίλησε, ‘above others,’ ‘extraordinarily,’ Od. 8.63.—A subst. in the appropriate case may specify the relation of the adv., περὶ δὲ ζώνην βάλετ᾽ ἰξυῖ (dat. of place), Od. 5.231 ; σε περὶ Ζεὺς ἀνθρώπων ἤχθηρε (partitive gen.), Od. 19.363, in the phrase περὶ κῆρι, περὶ θυ_μῷ, περί is adv., and the dat. local.—II. prep., (1) w. gen., rare of place, περὶ τρόπιος βεβαώς, i. e. bestriding it, Od. 5.130, 68; usually met., about, for, in behalf of, of the obj. of contention or the thing defended, μάχεσθαι περὶ νηός, ἀμυ?νεσθαι περὶ νηῶν, Π 1, Il. 12.142; then with verbs of saying, inquiring, about, concerning, of (de), μνήσασθαι περὶ πομπῆς, Od. 7.191; rarely causal, περὶ ἔριδος μάρνασθαι, Il. 7.301; denoting superiority, above, περὶ πάντων ἔμμεναι ἄλλων, Il. 1.287; so with adjectives, περὶ πάντων κρατερός, ὀιζυρός.—(2) w. dat., local, around, on, as of something transfixed on a spit or a weapon, περὶ δουρὶ πεπαρμένη, Il. 21.577; so of clothing on the person, περὶ χροῒ εἵματα ἔχειν, χαλκὸς περὶ στήθεσσι, κνι?ση ἑλισσομένη περὶ καπνῷ, curling ‘around in’ the smoke, Il. 1.317; then sometimes w. verbs of contending, like the gen., about, for, Od. 2.245, Od. 17.471, Il. 16.568, and w. a verb of fearing, Il. 10.240. Often the dat. is to be explained independently, περί being adverbial, see above (I).— (3) w. acc., local implying motion, στῆσαι (τὶ) περὶ βωμόν, φυλάσσειν περὶ μῆλα, and esp. of sounds, fumes floating around, coming over the senses, stealing over one, περὶ δέ σφεας ἤλυθ̓ ἰωή, Κύκλωπα περὶ φρένας ἤλυθεν οἶνος, ‘went to his head,’ we should say, Od. 17.261, Od. 9.362; met., of that in which one is interested, πονεῖν περί τι, ‘about,’ ‘over,’ ‘with,’ Il. 24.444, Od. 4.624.
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