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τίθημι, τιθέω , τίθησθα, τίθησι and τιθεῖ, 3 pl. τιθεῖσι, ipf. (τίθει, τίθεσαν, fut. inf. θησέμεναι, aor. ἔθηκα, θῆκε, θῆκαν, ἔθεσαν, θέσαν, subj. θείω, θείῃς (θήῃς), θέωμεν, θείομεν, opt. θείην, θεῖμεν, θεῖεν, imp. θές, inf. θεῖναι, θέμεναι, mid. pres. part. τιθήμενος, fut. θήσομαι, aor. θήκατο, ἔθετο, θέτο, ἔθεσθε, θέσθε, opt. θεῖο, θεῖτο, imp. θέω, θέσθε: I. act., put, place, properly local, w. dat. of place or w. prep.; metaph., put into one's mind, inspire, suggest, μένος τινὶ ἐν θυ_μῷ, θυ_μόν τινι, βουλὴν ἐν στήθεσσιν, Od. 1.321, Il. 24.49, Ρ 470, Od. 11.146; similarly of ‘proposing,’ ‘offering’ prizes at games, ‘depositing,’ ‘setting up’ offerings in a temple, ‘determining’ the limit, end, or outcome of anything, Il. 23.263, Od. 12.347, Il. 23.333, Od. 8.465; make, cause (poetic for ποιεῖν), ὀρυμαγδὸν ἔθηκεν, Od. 9.235; κέλευθόν τινι, Il. 12.399; and forming a periphrasis, σκέδασιν θεῖναι (= σκεδάσαι), Od. 1.116 ; Ἀχαιοῖς ἄλγἐ ἔθηκεν, ‘caused,’ ‘gave rise to’ miseries for the Greeks, Il. 1.2; so w. double acc., τινὰ ἄλοχον θεῖναι, Τ 298, Od. 13.163.—II. mid., the above meanings subjectively applied, put or place for oneself, something of one's own, κολεῷ ἄορ, ἀμφὶ ὤμοισιν ἔντεα, Od. 10.34, 333; met., ἐν φρεσι τι, ‘take to heart,’ ‘consider,’ Od. 4.729 ; ἐλέγχεα ταῦτα τίθεσθε, ‘hold,’ ‘deem this a disgrace to yourselves,’ Od. 21.333; make or prepare for oneself, Il. 9.88, Il. 24.402; w. two accusatives, τινὰ θέσθαι γυναῖκα, φ 72, Il. 9.629.
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