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χέω (χέϝω, root χυ), ipf. χέον, χέεν), aor. 1 (Att.) ἔχεεν, ἔχεαν, also ἔχευα, χεῦα, subj. χεύω, χεύομεν, mid. pres. inf. χεῖσθαι, ipf. χεόμην, aor. 1 (χεύατο, aor. 2 ἔχυτο, part. χυμένη, pass. perf. 3 pl. κέχυνται, plup. κέχυτο, aor. opt. χυθείη: I. act., pour, shed, not of liquids only, but freq. of dry things, leaves strewn, let fall, earth heaped up, etc., χυτὴν ἐπὶ γαῖαν ἔχευαν, so τύμβον, σῆμα, α 291, Il. 23.256; still more naturally said of mist, cloud, darkness, Il. 17.270, Il. 20.321; then fig., ὕπνον, κάλλος, φωνήν, Od. 7.286, ψ 156, Od. 19.521.—II. pass. and aor. 2 mid., be poured, shed, or strewn, pour, flow, with the same freedom of application as act., ἀήρ, χιών, κόπρος, Od. 9.330; of persons pouring forth in numbers, pressing around one, Il. 16.267, Od. 10.415 ; ἀμφ᾽ αὐτῷ χυμένη, i. e. embracing him, Il. 19.284; so once aor. 1, Il. 7.63.—III. mid., aor. 1, but not aor. 2, pour for oneself, or in any way subjectively, Od. 10.518 ; χεύατο κὰκ κεφαλῆς, on ‘his’ head, Il. 18.24 ; βέλεα χέοντο, ‘their’ missiles, Il. 8.159 ; ἀμφί υἱὸν ἐχεύατο πήχεε, ‘threw her’ arms about him, Il. 5.314.
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