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Jerome Wolf's classification.

The writings of Isokrates are arranged differently in different MSS.1 The order followed in most modern editions is not that of any one manuscript, but that which was adopted, for the sake of convenience, by Jerome Wolf2. His arrangement aims at a fourfold distribution:—
    • I. To Demonikos.
    • II. To Nikokles.
    • III. Nikokles.
    • IV. Panegyrikos.
    • V. Philippos.
    • VI. Archidamos.
    • VII. Areopagitikos.
    • VIII. On the Peace.
    • IX. Evagoras.
    • X. Encomium of Helen.
    • XI. Busiris.
    • XII. Panathenaikos.
    • XIII. Against the Sophists.
    • XIV. Plataikos3.
    • XV. Antidosis.
    • XVI. Against Alkibiades
    • περὶ τοῦ ζεύγους).
    • XVII. Trapezitikos.
    • XVIII. Against Kallimachos.
    • XIX. Aeginetikos.
    • XX. Against Lochites.
    • XXI. Against Euthynus4.

The principle of this classification seems hardly

Objections to it.
the best. ‘Deliberative’ has to be strained in various directions in order to include the Panegyrikos, the Philippos, the Areopagitikos. ‘Epideictic’ applies ill to the essay Against the Sophists. The Antidosis, though thrown for literary purposes into the form of a defence in court, cannot properly be called ‘forensic.’

1 A table showing the arrangement in the Urbino MS, and in six other manuscripts, is given by Baiter and Sauppe Or. Att. Vol. I, preface to the Text of Isokrates, p. iv.

2 For Wolf's own account of this classification, see p. 684 of his edition of 1570.

3 The Plataikos is an appeal to the Athenian ekklesia. Wolf gives its forensic vehemence of tone as his reason—a strange reason—for classing it as forensic.

4 With this elassification according to form, it is worth while to compare that of Photios (cod. 159): —

omitting, no doubt by an oversight, the περὶ τοῦ ζεύγους,—which is wanted to make up the 21. The κατὰ τῶν σοφιστῶν is characterized merely as κατηγορία τῶν ἀντιπολιτευομένων αὐτῷ σοφιστῶν.

A stricter classification according to form would be:—

  • I. Deliberative: Philippos, Archidamos, Plataikos, Areopagitikos, On the Peace:
  • II. Forensic: Or. XVI—XXI:
  • III. Epideictic: Evagoras, Panegyrikos, Panathenaikos, Busiris, Helen, Against the Sophists, Antidosis:
  • IV. Hortatory: To Demonikos, To Nikokles, Nikokles.

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