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Another classification.

Setting the six real Forensic Speeches apart, the other writings of Isokrates ought to be classified, not according to accident of form, but by subject-matter. They may be considered as I. Scholastic, II. Political. The whole list will then stand thus:—
      I. Hortatory Letters or Essays.
      • To Demonikos. [Or. I.]
      • To Nikokles. [Or. II.]
      • Nikokles. [Or. III.]
      II. Displays.
      • Busiris. [Or. XI.]
      • Encomium on Helen. [Or. X.]
      • Evagoras. [Or. IX.]
      • Panathenaikos. [Or. XII.]
      III. Essays on Education.
      • Against the Sophists. [Or. XIII.]
      • Antidosis. [Or. XV.]
      I. On the relations of Greece with Persia.
      • Panegyrikos. [Or. IV.]
      • Philippos. [Or. V.]
      II. On the internal affairs of Greece.
      • Plataikos. [Or. XIV.]
      • On the Peace. [Or. VIII.]
      • Archidamos. [Or. VI.]
      • Areopagitikos. [Or. VII.]1

1 Benseler (German Translation of Isokrates, vol. I, Life p. 16) thus arranges the speeches aceording to subject-matter: — I. Relating to War with Persia: Panegyrikos, Philippos. II. Relating to internal feuds of Greece: Plataikos, Archidamos, On the Peace. III. Concerning Athens and her Constitution: Areopagitikos, Panathenaikos. IV. Cyprian Discourses: Evagoras, To Nikokles, Nikokles, To Demonikos. V. Writings against the Sophists: Against the Sophists, Busiris, Helen. VI. An Apology for his Life: Antidosis. VII. Forensic Speeches soon after the time of the Thirty. Against Kallimachos, Against Lochites, Against Enthynus. VIII. Three other Forensic Speeches:— Aeginetikos, On the Yoke of Horses, Trapezitikos.

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