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Principal class — the κληρικοί.

In the ancient collection of an orator's works, the largest or the most distinctive class of his speeches stood first. For Antiphon, this class consisted of the speeches in cases of homicide, the φονικοί; and these alone have been preserved,—the last of them (Or. VI. ‘On the Choreutes’) being apparently defective at the end, where the manuscript broke off1. For Isaeos, this class comprised the speeches in willcases, the κληρικοί: and so, here too, these alone have been saved, with a like defect at the end of the speech (XI.) On the Estate of Hagnias2.

In these extant speeches the connexion with the

The κληρικοί classified by legal form.
will-case is sometimes direct, sometimes indirect. From the literary point of view, they belong to one class, the Testamentary. From the Attic legal point of view, they require to be further classified thus:—
    I. Trials of Claim to an Inheritance (διαδικασίαι3).
    • 1. On the Estate of Kleonymos. [Or. I.]
    • 2. On the Estate of Nikostratos. [Or. IV.]
    • 3. On the Estate of Apollodoros. [Or. VII.]
    • 4. On the Estate of Kiron. [Or. VIII.]
    • 5. On the Estate of Astyphilos. [Or. IX.]
    • 6. On the Estate of Aristarchos. [Or. X.]
    II. Actions for False Witness (δίκαι ψευδομαρτυριῶν).
    • 1. On the Estate of Menekles. [Or. II.]
    • 2. On the Estate of Pyrrhos. [Or. III.]
    • 3. On the Estate of Philoktemon. [Or. VI.]
    III. Action to compel the discharge of a Suretyship (ἐγγύης δίκη).
    • On the Estate of Dikaeogenes. [Or. V.]
    IV. Indictment of a Guardian for maltreatment of a Ward (εἰσαγγελία κακώσεως ὀρφανοῦ).
    • On the Estate of Hagnias. [Or. XI.]
    V. Appeal (ἔφεσις) from Arbitration to a Dikastery.
    • For Euphiletos. [Or. XII.]

1 Vol. I. p. 64.

2 That Or. XI. is imperfect seems certain from § 44 of that speech.

3 Such a claim was ἐπιδικασία (Or. XI. § 15, τὴν ἐμὴν ἐπιδικασίαν): the trial of claims, διαδικασία.

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